Enjoy FREE Delivery & Setup within 25 miles of any dealership

NO CREDIT CHECK Quick & easy to rent-to-own contract. No early payoff fees

Quality and Design

Our buildings are meticulously built by hand with PREMIUM material and SUPERIOR Craftsmanship. Offering a 5 year Front to Back Warranty with a Lifetime Service Agreement


We provide FREE delivery and setup for our customers within 25 miles from our nearest Authorized Dealer.

  • To make the delivery go smoothly, please make sure that:
    • You have a level site with suitable 4” flat concrete patio blocks or treated wood blocks for leveling the building. We can provide the wood blocks if needed.
    • You have enough space for the building, the truck, and the trailer. The truck and trailer may be over 60 feet long and 14.6 feet high.
    • You have no obstacles such as trees, fences, gates, power lines, or ditches that may block the delivery route. Please check the height of the power lines and inform us if they are too low to allow the truck and trailer to pass safely.
    • You have a backup location in case the original site is not accessible.
    • You have adequate clearances of at least four feet from any other structure or property line on any side of the portable building, and overhead clearance equal to the height of the portable building plus five feet. If the driver determines that there is not enough space, you will have to arrange another location.
  • Our delivery and setup includes:
    • One trip to the specified delivery location.
    • Leveling the building with treated wood blocks or concrete patio blocks.
    • Anchoring the building if required by the homeowner.
  • Our delivery and setup does not include:
    • Setting the building above 6” from ground level without an extra cost.
    • Re-leveling the building if it settles after being loaded with belongings. This is not a warranty issue.
    • Trimming trees, clearing brush or stumps, or removing fences, gates, or other obstructions at the delivery site.
    • Making another trip if the first delivery attempt fails. The customer will have to pay $4 per mile (one way) for the second delivery.
  • Please use conservative judgment when considering ditches and/or tight access routes/turns on rural access roads.

      We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to delivering your building. Thank you for choosing GREAT LAKES STRUCTURES


Rent-To-Own your own storage shed, cabin, or portable building with our easy and affordable program. You can have a convenient and secure storage facility in your backyard or business, without any hassle or commitment. Our monthly rental rates are comparable to mini-warehousing rates per square foot, but you get to keep the building if you complete the rental contract. Plus, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • No credit check required
  • 90 days same as cash option
  • No early payoff penalty
  • Automatic payments option
  • Only first month’s rent at time of sale (some buildings may require an additional deposit)
  • 36, 48, and 60 month terms available

      Don’t miss this opportunity to own a high-quality storage shed, cabin, or portable building from our giant selection of products. Contact us today and we will deliver and set up your building anywhere in our delivery area

Quality & Design


      Choose from three siding materials to customize your shed’s appearance and durability. 

  • LP Smart Siding:  This engineered wood siding has vertical grooves and a natural wood grain look. It is resistant to rot, insects, and impact damage. You can select from 18 paint colors to match your preference. 

  • Lap Siding: This is an additional layer of horizontal siding that covers the sub-sheathing. It adds extra strength and protection to your shed. It also creates a smooth and uniform finish making it very attractive 

  • 40 Year Metal: This is a high-quality metal siding that lasts for decades. It is available in 19 colors and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Note: This option is not compatible with shed doors.


      All sheds come with a pressure treated floor system that prevents decay and insect damage. The floor system consists of skids, floor joists, and engineered floor panels. 

  • Skids: These are the wooden beams that support the floor and the shed. They are made of 4×4 pressure treated lumber. 8’ wide sheds have two skids, while 10’ wide and larger sheds have four skids. 

  • Floor Joists: These are the wooden boards that span across the skids and support the floor panels. They are made of 2×4 or 2×6 pressure treated lumber, depending on the shed size. They are spaced 16″ on center for optimal stability. 

  • Engineered Floor Panels: These are the wooden sheets that form the floor surface. They are treated with a preservative to prevent rot and have a brown overlay for easy cleaning.



      All sheds are framed with premium 2×4 lumber for the walls and #1 yellow pine for the roof. The wall studs and the roof trusses or rafters are spaced 24″ or 16″ on center, depending on the model. This ensures a strong and sturdy structure that can support the roof and the siding.                         

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